Just Started My New Job in Texas

I just got here this morning, we left Phoenix at three in the morning and drove straight through until we got to San Antonio. The company that I am working for was eager to hire me and they convinced me to come here as soon as I graduated. At any rate they wanted me and another guy I studied computer science with, so the two of us went in together on the trip. He had an old piece of junk for a car, so he literally sold it for scrap metal. We found a Alamo Heights apartments complex that had a two bedroom unit for rent and signed the lease. We got here this morning and it literally took us about ten minutes for us to get moved in. Of course I have a 2009 Ford F 150 pick up truck, but we really did not bring that much stuff with us. I really did not have much that was worth taking with me. I have been sleeping on a pretty nice air mattress.

The apartment is about a ten minute drive from the campus that the company uses. It is a huge place though and once you drive through the front gate you still have to drive for some time. I work in this huge room with about forty other people and right now I am pretty confused about what I am supposed to be working on. No one there seems to have any idea who I am or what team I am supposed to be working for. So I am just trying to act like I am doing something and I keep asking the guy who seems to be in charge what he wants me to do. He just looks at me and asks me who I am.

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