It is Quite Easy to Incorporate or Do Company Registration in Singapore

Doing business around the world is pretty much the same. You have laws to follow for how you conduct business and for registering your business. I saw an opportunity to start a company in Singapore, so I looked up company registration in SG to find out what I needed to do to start a corporation. I knew how to do it in the States. It is pretty much a straightforward process in all the states. I had no idea about setting up a corporation in Singapore. I learned that it is pretty much just as easy to do there as it is to do it here.

The reason for making a company a corporation is to limit liability. Anyone can be sued, and corporations are considered entities that can be sued. You want to have a corporation for a business where you do not want your personal assets liable. In most cases someone who litigates against a corporation can only win awards based on the holdings of the corporation. They cannot go after the assets of the principles such as the CEO and board of directors. And the way things are in the world today, you do want to protect what you own.

Incorporating is also necessary if you are going to offer stock in your company to the public. I was not at that level, but maybe someday we will get there. Many people think that corporations must be multi-million dollar companies. They can be, but you can also have ones that do not take in any more money per year than the average wage of one person. Some non-profits can actually qualify to fill out a tax form that has one check box. If you fall below the income level, there is nothing else to enter. Incorporating is easy to do in Singapore as it is here.

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